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24-Jul-2017 16:01

Even though it seems I can still use my computer without problems for now, I'm too scared to do anything. This how-to guide will show you how you can flash/update your BIOS on GIGABYTE motherboards.

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Initial Steps – 1 – Access the Merge Point EMS site Start out by going to the IP address for MP-EMS site.

When you power on your mobo (MP-EMS Power On ) use the v KVM screen to halt at the ‘boot menu’ or even go into setup and disable all the boot devices.

In this PIC, we can see my Firmware for the MP-EMS is 8.01 and the BIOS is blank as the Mobo is not powered on.

From the initial display screen, we can see the MP-EMS Firmware versions but not the Platform (or Mobo) BIOS Version. Well, the MP-EMS will only display Mobo information when the Mobo is powered on.

Before you power on your Mobo I would recommend opening the v KVM session so that you can see the boot screen.

You’d think by now manufactures would have a solid and concise process around updating their products.